Why Massage Therapy??

Stress affects more than just your mind. Research has found that stress affects every part of your body. Tension affects your muscles. According to the Mayo clinic, it’s also linked to headaches, fatigue, stomach problems, and difficulty sleeping. When you enjoy a relaxing massage, you’ll be doing your body a favor.

Massage is the perfect way to lift your mood. Do you ever find yourself feeling anxious or depressed? Do you have trouble relaxing and getting the rest you need? Is it hard to focus or get things done? Maybe you feel overwhelmed, or just unusually irritable. Whatever effect stress has on your mood, a massage is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to let go of your daily stress.

Relieving stress can make it easier to make better decisions for your health. Every day stress affects our choices too. The Mayo Clinic has linked stress to overeating, drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco use and social withdrawal – it’s even a major reason people tend to slack on their exercise plan. Keeping your stress in check is one of the best ways to stay on a path of well being.

Have a chronic illness or injury? Massage therapy may help. Preliminary research has shown that massage therapy can even help patients manage the pain and stress of chronic health issues, including joint pain, sports injuries, soft tissue injuries, digestive disorders, and even hard-to-manage conditions like fibromyalgia. When combined with a treatment program from your regular physician, it can do wonders!

 Massage therapy leads to a healthier heart. Research has shown that regular massage therapy helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, reducing the strain on your heart and helping you maintain a healthier circulatory system. Whether you’re working to be healthier, or trying to stay in shape, massage is a powerful tool to help you reach your fitness and well being goals.